Shock Absorbers

What we call shock absorbers are really "dampers." The springs in a vehicle's suspension absorb bumps and other road shocks by compressing, and the shock absorbers control the amount of bouncing created when the springs rebound. Despite advice to replace shocks at specific intervals (often from those who sell replacements), such as every 80,500 kilometers, when you need to do it can vary by vehicle and how and where you drive.

If you frequently drive over rough, pockmarked roads that put more stress on the shock absorbers, then you will probably need to replace them more often than if you drive mainly on smooth pavement. Carrying heavy loads also will wear out shocks faster.

KYB is one of the world's largest suppliers of shock absorbers to vehicle manufacturers, with 1 in 4 of all vehicles leaving production lines worldwide fitted with KYB as standard.

Specially designed for the replacement market to compensate for wear in the suspension and other components, which occurs normally in a car after having covered thousands of kilometers.

Whether it's a casual cruise over paved asphalt or a long drive on a rugged country road, Gabriel shocks provide high-quality comfort and stable performance under all operating conditions.

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