Suspension Services

A major car servicing is more than just a stamp in your service book. Proactive car service means, that you are enhancing your vehicle’s life and keeping the repairing charges low.

How often does your suspension really need servicing?

Unfortunately, there's no simple answer because there are a lot of differences in riding conditions and how abusive your terrain (and rider) is.

Bring your ride to the perfect height

Lift kits are perfect for anyone who wants to increase ground clearance for the installation of bigger tyres and wheels. Experience more peace of mind off-roading with a higher body and also add a more aggressive look to a truck, Jeep®, or SUV.

Suspension lift kits

  • Raise the body of your truck, Jeep, or SUV off the frame
  • Alter your vehicle without changing the steering and suspension geometry
  • Get the lifted vehicle look at a cost-effective price

Drop kits

Lowering the suspension can provide performance benefits depending on your vehicle and how low you take it. The potential benefits of a lowered vehicle include:

  • Reduced risk of rollovers due to a lower center of gravity
  • Improved handling and greater tyre grip on some vehicles
  • Less wind drag due to greater aerodynamics
  • Street appeal & custom look that sets your vehicle apart from stock models

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